2022-2023 Staff 

East Derry is proud to have a caring and dedicated staff. You may contact us through the following email links and telephone numbers.

Main Telephone Number: (603) 432-1260


Office Staff 

Bill Fox Principal, Phone Ext. 614 

Kelly Carey Assistant Principal, Phone Ext. 620 

Carla Fagone  Secretary, Phone Ext. 610 

Melissa L'Etoile  Secretary, Phone Ext. 611

Kim Shafer  Special Ed. Facilitator, Phone Ext. 402 

Kate Murphy Nurse Phone Number 437-3578


Renee Hall Phone Ext. 202

Kaitlin Greenland Phone Ext. 204

Amy Velez Phone Ext. 203 

Deirdre Lopez, Kindergarten Assistant

Nicole Tsoupelis, Kindergarten Assistant

Bobbie Sturgis, Kindergarten  Assistant

1st Grade  

Kelly Kasprzak Phone Ext. 207

Deb Konstant  Phone Ext. 205

Cathy Mulready Phone Ext. 209 

2nd Grade

Stacy Campbell  Phone Ext. 305 

Katie Bicchieri  Phone Ext. 303

Jessica Wasserman Phone Ext. 304

3rd Grade 

Denise Richter Phone Ext. 108

Stephanie Iacuzio Phone Ext. 106

Kimberly Hildebrand Phone Ext. 110

4th Grade 

Dana Geraghty Phone Ext. 102

Kelly Cogan Phone Ext. 103

Melissa Kershaw Phone Ext. 104

5th Grade 

Stephanie Christian Phone Ext. 105 classroom blog

Lauren Goldsmith Phone Ext. 109

Robert McGowan Phone Ext. 107

Unified Arts 

Olivia Sharp  Art, Phone Ext. 307

Jodi Stowell Music, Band, and Chorus, Phone Ext. 300

Amy Sanuth, Physical Education, Phone Ext. 308 

Elizabeth Dickerson, Library, Phone Ext. 301 

Cheryl Morin, Technology, Phone Ext. 301


Special Education Teachers 

Amber Morrill  Phone Ext. 411 

Nicole Clarke Phone Ext. 411

Jennifer Channen Phone Ext. 211

Tara Furlong Phone Ext. 211

Paul Williams Phone Ext. 211

Maureen Consentino, Assistant

Nicole Loranger, Assistant

Laura Metzmaekers,  Assistant

Melissa Murphy, Assistant

Elaine Shih, Assistant

Aidan Bridge, Assistant

Support Staff 

Cathy Strople Reading Specialist Phone Ext. 302

(Open)  Reading Specialist, Ext. 411

Jen Harnois, Reading Assistant

Rachel Van de Bogart, Reading Assistant

Laura Swerchetsky, Reading Assistant

Allison Zellers Speech and Language, Phone Ext. 403

Ali Wilson, Math Interventionist, Phone Ext 411 

Rachel Benson,  Occupational Therapist, Phone Ext. 406

Shannon Berube, Physical Therapist, Phone Ext. 406

Josh Sag PACE Teacher, Ext. 111 

Project Me 

Kelly Breen, Phone Ext. 409 

Emily Hanson, Assistant

Sidney Edgerly, Assistant

Angie Castaldo, Assistant

ISLE Program 

Linda Wells Ext. 208

Karen Caouette, Assistant

Rebecca Burke, Assistant

Katy Lordan, Assistant

Mary Martucci, Assistant

Kimberely Beaupre, Assistant

Jody Boudreau, Assistant


Jennifer Low Phone Ext. 405

Other District Staff


Lisa Temple, Phone Ext. 400


Josh Soucie

Home to School Coordinator

Alicia Triplett 

Food Services 

Kathy Rockenhauser (437-4839)

Christine Fulton

Susan Morgan

Lunch Monitor

Melissa Porto

Custodial Staff 

Head Custodian: Ed Gilmore

Brian Frizzell

Tyler Haggett

Glenn Hetman

Extended Day Daycare 

Director: Cheryl Morin (603 260-9578) 

Staff Highlights:

Congratulations to ISLE Teacher Linda Wells, recipient of the 2018-2019 New Hampshire Down Syndrome Association Exceptional Educator Award!!!

Congratulations to ISLE Teacher Linda Wells, recipient of East Derry's 2015-2016 World Changer award!

Congratulations to 3rd Grade Teacher Paula Neveu, recipient of East Derry's 2014-2015 World Changer award!

Congratulations to School Nurse Kate Murphy, recipient of East Derry's 2012-2013 World Changer award!

East Derry Reading Specialist, Cathy Strople, named the Derry Education Association's Teacher of the Month in February  2010!

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