Academics & School Programs

Academics & School Programs

Curriculum (for more details and core maps, please see our district website)


         - English, Language Arts (Readers Workshop)             - Writing

         - Mathematics (Envisions)                                             - Science

         - Social Studies                                                               - Health                                                                          

         - Words Their Way (Word Study/ Spelling)                   - Guidance

         - Computer & Technology                                                                                                               


Unified Arts Students in all grade levels at EDMES participate in Art, Music and Physical Education on a weekly basis.  Children are provided opportunities to integrate Math, Science, and Language Arts with these specialized programs.  Through active participation in these programs, students at EDMES will gain a broader appreciation of humanities and their applications.


Through the Art curriculum students learn about the language of art, namely the elements of art and the principles of design.  Art lessons are designed to reinforce the academic curriculum.  Students are encouraged to use their artistic language and creativity to produce works of art that are personal statements that reflect an understanding of the material presented.  In addition, students explore various cultures of the world through the arts and also learn about famous artists and their various styles of artistic expression.


Objectives found within the Music curriculum strive to provide students with opportunities to experience and appreciate music on many different levels.  It is the goal of the EDMES music program to foster and develop a lifelong appreciation of music in its many forms. Through the presentation of age-appropriate lessons using aural, visual, and kinesthetic approaches on such music-related topics as singing, music history, theory, movement, and basic instruments, children will develop the skills required to participate in middle and high school music activities.


The Physical Education program provides age appropriate activities for students to explore how their bodies move, and to develop and improve their gross motor skills.  It also aims to help students develop individual, lifelong fitness and to promote cooperation and team work.


Because art, music and physical education are integral parts of the educational curriculum requiring self-discipline, listening skills, and participation, students are expected to perform with high standards of behavior, and effort and will be graded based in part upon these criteria.

Technology Students will be introduced to basic operation of and proper terminology for the different components of the computer with emphasis on learning keyboarding skills to develop skill and accuracy.  Technology skills are integrated in classroom activities and applied to published stories, reports and letters, become familiar with educational software to assist with curriculum goals, and to develop internet research skills.


Library Students have access to the EDMES school library on a weekly basis and are encouraged to borrow books and magazines for their pleasure and benefit. 

Due to the high cost of books, it has become necessary for us to be reimbursed for lost and damaged books so we can continue to provide quality materials for your children. If a student does not return the book by the three weeks beyond the due date, he/she will receive a written reminder, followed by a bill for the replacement cost.  A student may not borrow additional materials until the overdue book is returned or paid for.

The policy of the Derry Cooperative School District is: “Fines will be charged for books/equipment students lose or damage.”  If this lost and paid-for book is returned in good condition, the money is refunded.  

English for Speakers of other Languages- Information The Derry Cooperative School District provides a program that offers assistance to students who have another language in their background and need help in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English in order to be successful at school.

Report Cards/ Progress Reports Report cards will be issued three times a year.  This card provides parents with current information about their child’s academic and social performance.  All report card envelopes must be signed and returned to school.  Please return these envelopes promptly. 

The final report card of the year will be sent home on the last day of school. 

Progress reports are issued twice each trimester for the purpose of providing parents with updated information as to their child’s academic and social progress during the current marking period.  Appointments to discuss your child’s performance may be arranged with your child’s teacher.  Please contact the teacher either by note, e-mail, or through the school office to schedule an appointment.


Parent-Teacher Conferences One of the greatest keys to your child’s success at EDMES is maintaining communication with the school.  Teachers and administration care about your child’s academic and social development.  We encourage you to contact us with your questions or concerns.  Teachers are available, by appointment, to review your child’s progress throughout the school year.  Formal conferences will be scheduled around the December 5th Teacher Workshop Day. 


Blizzard Bags The Derry Cooperative School District will implement Blizzard Bags again for the 2017-2018 school year. A Blizzard Bag contains assignments for students to complete at home during inclement weather days. Blizzard Bags will be updated for the 2017-2018 school year and again be available to the right organized by grade level.

·       Blizzard Bags containing all assignments will be distributed on December 7th during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

o   All students are free to complete their paper Blizzard Bags during a Blizzard Bag Day.

o   Students in Grades 4-8 have an optional Google Classroom site to post questions or assignments.

o   Additional copies of the curriculum can be printed from the links provided below.


·       Assignments are due the day the student returns from the Blizzard Bag Day. However, students may have an additional 5 school days to finalize their work.


Extended Day The East Derry Extended Day Program is a nonprofit, self-supporting program that operates at the East Derry Memorial Elementary School.  It is designed to provide supervision in a safe environment for children before and after regular school hours.  Any child that attends EDMES may enroll in the Extended Day Program, however, space is limited and applicants are taken for openings on a first come first serve basis.  Contact program director, Cheryl Morin, at 421-0170 to obtain more information.


                   Hours of Operation:                6:45 to 8:20 a.m.      2:55 to 6:00 p.m.


Food Service- MySchoolBucks Derry provides its students with a breakfast and hot lunch program.  Participation in this program is voluntary.  Students wishing to purchase hot lunch, snack milk or lunch milk are encouraged to prepay in advance of any purchase.  Notices are sent home when your child no longer has a balance in his/her account. Parents may wish to send money into school weekly to ensure a positive balance remains in the student’s account.  Please take the time to fill out the envelope with your child’s name, ID number and teacher.  Each child in a family must hand in his/her individual envelope, along with payment, to their teacher first thing in the morning to ensure proper credit.  Parents may also opt to sign up for to pay using debit or credit cards.


Children from families whose income is below a certain level are eligible for free or reduced price meals.  A form is sent home at the beginning of the year in regard to eligibility.  It is also available at other times throughout the year by request on the District Website.  Please contact the school should you have questions or concerns.  School lunch prices are in the chart below.  All prices are subject to change.  No student will be denied a lunch at EDMES.  Due to allergies, peanut butter is never included on our menu.



       Breakfast (including milk/juice)                        $ 1.50

       Hot Lunch (including milk/juice)                      $ 2.70

       Lunch/Snack  Milk                                            $  .40 (4 oz.) 

       Lunch/Snack Juice                                            $  .40 (4 oz.) 


Extracurricular Programs Extracurricular activities provide students with multiple opportunities to

develop and showcase social, athletic, and academic skills in a non-classroom environment.  EDMES encourages all students to explore the many opportunities available to them outside the classroom.  Possible programs of interest might include:



- Chorus                                      - Running Club                                - Ski Club

- Intramural Sports                    - PALs                                              - LEGO Club

 -Bowling Club                           - Game Club                                     - Book Clubs


Supplemental Services Classroom teachers alone cannot assume the responsibilities for the many services that children need.  Supplemental staff  include the school nurse, speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, school psychologist, school counselors, social worker, reading specialist, ESOL teachers (English as a second language), Gifted and Talented (PACE) teacher, Special Education teachers and teaching assistants.  Specialists assist classroom teachers in meeting the educational needs of students.  If you believe your child could benefit from any of these services, please contact the school.


Field Trips As part of the educational program, occasional field trips are planned to promote and enrich experiences for students.  Trips are adequately supervised by teachers and parent chaperones.  All students attending field trips are required to bring a permission slip signed by parents in order to participate.  Parents are not allowed to transport their child to or from the field trip destination unless an emergency situation arises and arrangements have been approved by the building administrator.  If your child has any pervasive health concerns, parents are encouraged to accompany their child on field trips.


Field Trips for Students -  When you are on a field trip, you represent the school and you are expected to follow all school wide expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.  You are expected to be a good representative of EDMES and behave accordingly.


Field Trips for Chaperones - Students learn from the example set for them by adult role models, both in the school and beyond the school walls.  On field trips, chaperones will work the with school staff to reinforce appropriate behavior.  To that end, the dress, conduct, language and interpersonal relationships of chaperones will contribute to the trip atmosphere.  Thank you for volunteering and we appreciate your help.


School Counseling  East Derry Memorial School has a professional counselor who provides guidance services to students.  Guidance consists of working with students to develop academic, personal, and social skills.  Elementary school counselors work with parents, teachers, school administrators, and others to provide the best possible resources and services.  Referrals to counseling can be initiated by parents, students, or teachers.