School/ District Policies




First grade children must be six years of age on or before September 30th of the year they are to enter school and shall enter at the beginning of the school year. Registration and screening are conducted in the spring at each elementary school. Parents registering a child must present the following:

- Child’s original birth certificate

- Updated immunization records

- Two legal proofs of residency

- Physical examination - All students entering grade one must have had a thorough physical examination prior to entering school. The child must have the following immunizations: Polio (IF eIPV or OPV), Measles/ Mumps/Rubella (MMR), HIB, Hepatitis B and Varivax (Varicella).



The safety or our students continues to be our highest priority. With that in mind, this year we will be adding in an extra level of security to ensure students are going home with the correct adults. Parents of car pick-up students will be given 2 EDD the Owl Pick-up permits to authorize the dismissal of East Derry student to the care of an adult. The permit should be hung from the rear view mirror where it easily visible. Permits should be given ONLY to those who are recorded on the Dismissal Plans Form in the office as authorized to pick up your child.  In the event that someone not listed will be picking up your child or if you are a parent who does not regularly pick up your children, please call the office and your child will be added to the car pick-up list for that day. This will allow them to go home with you or the person you have assigned.


EDMES and the Derry Cooperative School District encourage parent and citizen visitation, at appropriate times, in classrooms. 

 For your child’s safety and well being, EDMES requires all visitors, volunteers, parents and guardians to be buzzed into the school and report to the school office upon arrival.  Visitors, volunteers, parents, and guardians must sign in, obtain permission to enter the building, and wear a Visitor or Volunteer ID during the visit.

 Parents or citizens wishing to observe a classroom while school is in session must arrange such visits in advance with both the classroom teacher and building principal.  A minimum of twenty-four hour notification is required.  Teachers are expected not to take class time to discuss individual matters with visitors.


Due to limited parking availability, visitors to the school are requested to adhere to all parking signs.  Visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles along Dubeau Drive on the opposite side of the sidewalk (and not in the bus lane)  and to be aware that buses need extra space to turn into the bus loop.   All traffic should flow in a counter-clockwise pattern around the school’s parking lot.  PARKING IN THE LOT TO THE LEFT OF THE SCHOOL IS RESERVED FOR HANDICAPPED AND STAFF ONLY.  

To maintain appropriate air quality on our school campus, please do not idle your car while waiting/picking up your child(ren).



All lost clothing items, school bags, and lunch boxes are placed on the left as you enter the cafeteria.  There is typically a large amount of unclaimed materials during the school year.  Parents are welcome to check the lost and found and to encourage your children to check for lost items regularly.  All unclaimed items are donated to charity at certain intervals during the school year.



All internet users in the Derry Cooperative School District are required to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.  Parents are required to complete the Internet Use Policy on behalf of their children.  Internet use at EDMES is strictly monitored.  Students may only access the Internet with teacher permission and supervision.  The Internet Policy may be viewed at the end of this handbook.  The Internet Use Policy is to be returned to your child’s classroom teacher.



On occasion your child’s teacher or another staff member may consider putting your child’s original work, which may include writing, art or photography onto our school’s web page.  Because this document can be seen by people all over the world, we request your permission to display the work.  For security reasons, only first names will be used and work will appear with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without expressed written permission.  In the event anyone requests such permission, those requests will be forwarded to the parents.  No home address or telephone will appear with such work.  A copy of the work is always available.  The Permission Notice must be returned to your child’s classroom teacher.




Derry School District Policy : Access to Records  Parents/ Public/ Staff

It is the duty of the school district to make sure that parents are aware of their parental rights regarding their children’s records.  In accordance with the policy, this will be sent home in the EDMES Student Handbook every year.  By signing the final page of the handbook this year, parents acknowledge the fact that they were made aware of their parental rights according to FERPA and the Nondiscrimination Policy.

 Records of individual students are accessible to the parents for review within the schools.  Schools are not required to provide copies of materials in educational records unless, for reasons such as great distance, it is impossible for parents to inspect the records.  Schools may charge a fee for copies.

Parents have the right to request that a school correct records believed to be inaccurate or misleading.  If the school decides not to amend the record, the parent then has the right to a formal hearing.  After the hearing, if the school still decides not to amend the record, the parent has the right to place a statement with the record commenting on the contested information in the record.

Schools must have written permission from the parent before releasing any 
information from a student’s record.  There are certain restrictions to that which are on file in the office.