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CURRICULUM  (for more details and core maps, please see our district website at www.sau10.org)


         - Reading/ Literacy (Readers Workshop)                      - Writing

         - Mathematics                                                             - Science

         - Social Studies                                                            - Music

         - Art                                                                             - Physical Education

         - Technology                                                                 - Library




 Students in all grade levels at EDMES participate in Art, Music and Physical Education on a weekly basis.  Children are provided opportunities to integrate Math, Science, and Language Arts with these specialized programs.  Through active participation in these programs, students at EDMES will gain a broader appreciation of humanities and their applications.

Through the Art curriculum students learn about the language of art, namely the elements of art and the principles of design.  Art lessons are designed to reinforce the academic curriculum.  Students are encouraged to use their artistic language and creativity to produce works of art that are personal statements that reflect an understanding of the material presented.  In addition, students explore various cultures of the world through the arts and also learn about famous artists and their various styles of artistic expression.

Objectives found within the Music curriculum strive to provide students with opportunities to experience and appreciate music on many different levels.  It is the goal of the EDMES music program to foster and develop a lifelong appreciation of music in its many forms. Through the presentation of age-appropriate lessons using aural, visual, and kinesthetic approaches on such music-related topics as singing, music history, theory, movement, and basic instruments, children will develop the skills required to participate in middle and high school music activities.

The Physical Education program provides age appropriate activities for students to explore how their bodies move, and to develop and improve their gross motor skills.  It also aims to help students develop individual, lifelong fitness and to promote cooperation and team work.

Because art, music and physical education are integral parts of the educational curriculum requiring self-discipline, listening skills, and participation, students are expected to perform with high standards of behavior, and effort and will be graded based in part upon these criteria.




Students will be introduced to basic operation of and proper terminology for the different components of the computer with emphasis on learning keyboarding skills to develop skill and accuracy.  Technology skills are integrated in classroom activities and applied to published stories, reports and letters, become familiar with educational software to assist with curriculum goals, and to develop internet research skills.


English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a program that offers assistance to students who have another language in their background and need help in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English in order to be successful in school.


 ESOL Complaint Process

 If you are unsatisfied with the district’s Title III / ESOL Program, or your child’s ESOL services, please follow these steps in order:

  1. Contact the ESOL staff member and/or Mainstream teacher. You can call, email, or write a letter.

  2. Contact the building principal. You can call, email, or write a letter.

  3. Contact the Director of Supplemental Services. You can call, email, or write a letter:

  4. Contact the Superintendent

 Serena Andrew Levine

Director of Supplemental Services,

Derry Cooperative School District

18 South Main St

Derry, NH 03038

phone: (603) 432-1210

email: slevine@sau10.org



 Students have access to the EDMES school library on a weekly basis and are encouraged to borrow books and magazines for their pleasure and benefit. 

Due to the high cost of books, it has become necessary for us to be reimbursed for lost and damaged books so we can continue to provide quality materials for your children. If a student does not return the book by the three weeks beyond the due date, he/she will receive a written reminder, followed by a bill for the replacement cost.  A student may not borrow additional materials until the overdue book is returned or paid for.

The policy of the Derry Cooperative School District is: “Fines will be charged for books/equipment students lose or damage.”  If this lost and paid-for book is returned in good condition, the money is refunded.                                                                         




One of the greatest keys to your child’s success at EDMES is maintaining communication with the school.  Teachers and administration care about your child’s academic and social development.  We encourage you to contact us with your questions or concerns.  Teachers are available, by appointment, to review your child’s progress throughout the school year.  Formal conferences will be scheduled around the December 5th Teacher Workshop Day. 



Report cards will be issued three times a year.  This card provides parents with current information about their child’s academic and social performance.  All report card envelopes must be signed and returned to school.  Please return these envelopes promptly. 

The final report card of the year will be sent home on the last day of school. 

Progress reports are issued twice each trimester for the purpose of providing parents with updated information as to their child’s academic and social progress during the current marking period.  Appointments to discuss your child’s performance may be arranged with your child’s teacher.  Please contact the teacher either by note, e-mail, or through the school office to schedule an appointment.



Homework is assigned in accordance with on average students guidelines of the district policy.   Parents are encouraged to assist their child with homework assignments by:

         - Providing a place free from distractions for children to read and study.

         - Limiting television time.                                                                                                

         - Helping children to schedule a set study or reading time each day.

         - Encouraging children to work for an interval, take a break, then return to task.

      - Asking questions about their homework assignments and providing opportunities for children to  “re-teach” newly acquired information or skills.

         - Assist with the use of an assignment log.