The Edd Way

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 

The goal of the East Derry Memorial Elementary School PBIS program is to foster a school environment which promotes Respect, Responsibility, and Safety for all.

PBIS is a comprehensive, 3-tiered approach to a positive and consistent student discipline system. Unlike other approaches to student discipline, PBIS encourages a positive school-wide climate by focusing on the general school population, students at risk, and students with intensive or chronic behavioral and emotional problems. PBIS also emphasizes the need to be consistent in both classroom and non-classroom situations. Typical discipline programs rely on reaction to negative behavioral and consequent punishment. The PBIS program focuses, instead, on positive intervention and training. 

At EDMES, our program is based on four key principles: 

1. Prevention – Expected behaviors have been established and are taught, modeled and acknowledged throughout the school. Positive behavior is recognized and reinforced. 

2. Response – Response to unacceptable behavior is organized and consistent. Misbehaviors are defined as either minor or major and are handled by the staff member or administration respectively. 

3. Commonality – The strength of the program is the implementation of common language, expectations, and discipline. Every child is taught the expectations of Respectful, Responsible, and Safe behaviors in all areas of our buildings and grounds.

4. Data-driven – Discipline data is collected and analyzed. The data provides guidance for understanding when and where problem behavior is more likely to occur. Strategies to address behaviors in these situations are developed and initiated. The data then provides evidence of the level of success of the initiated strategies. 

Our goal with the EDMES PBIS program is to continue to improve the general atmosphere of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety in all areas of student education and student/staff interaction. The common language and expectations create not only positive behaviors but an increased sense of school community. What this translates to for our students at EDMES is doing things “The EDD Way”. 

EDD (East Derry Diamonds) is the name of our Owl Mascot. 

In doing things The EDD Way the students strive to score Home runs. They score a run by tagging all Three bases: Respect, Responsibility, Safety.

You may find more information regarding PBIS or The EDD Way in the Student Handbook.

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The PBIS Universal Team is comprised of representatives from all grade levels, Unified Arts, related services, special education, and teaching teaching assistants from EDMES as well as a parent representative from our school community.

This volunteer committee generally meets during the summer to plan the upcoming year’s program, then meets throughout the year to implement the program. A Parent Representative is appointed to the Universal Team by an EDMES administrator for a two year period. This appointment generally occurs near the end of a school year as work is done over the summer. Criteria for selection includes:

• parent/guardian of a child at EDMES

• availability (summer retreat meeting, team meetings during or after school,

school-wide assemblies, and rollouts/boosters)

• willingness to pitch in

• knowledge/experience with PBIS programs in an elementary school is helpful

Interested parents should contact the Principal or Assistant Principal.

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